Community First Village gets grant to expand

Community first Village opened last year and since then, dozens of homeless have gotten off the streets to live there. Now, they've just gotten more funding. It was 28 years ago when Danny Henderson wound up in financial trouble and on the streets.

“For the first time in my life I did not know where I was going to sleep,” said Henderson.

When he came to Community First village in June, he got busy donating his time and delivering blankets and scarves in the winter.  He found his purpose, helping others who once lived like him.

“It gives me a base of operation. It allows me to be comfortable and get a good night's sleep,” said Henderson.

He's among the 100 plus people living at the village of micro and mobile homes all from the mind of Alan Graham.

“We have a full blown organic farm here producing the highest form of food you can produce on the planet,” said Graham.

They also have kitchens, bathrooms, showers on site for home dwellers. Soon to be added to the mix is a 12 to 13,000 square foot hospitality/community center.

“That would allow us to have worship services, community events, and perhaps rent it out to the public,” said Graham.

It will be equipped with an 1,800 square foot kitchen and pantry as well as office space. But it came at the cost of over $3 million. The St. David's Foundation announced Tuesday, they will donate $1.2 million. That's going to the hospitality center.

“We wanted to have a facility in the middle of the property that was the gravitational pull,” said Graham.

This certainly will be an added treat for the residents. Graham says he hopes to add several more people by the end of 2017.

“What you're witnessing here when people move in and begin to heal from the ravages of living on the streets, they begin to rediscover their purpose in life,” said Graham.

Rent at community first ranges from  $225 - $380. If residents are not on disability they have to work . Graham says this is not it, they plan to build another section of the community as well.