Community helps beating victim recover, reunite with lost dog

Adam Markind was walking his dog when he was attacked without warning. He was tackled from behind and beaten, breaking his hip and his elbow in the fall. His assailants took $17 and his cell phone. To make things even worse, his beloved dog Roosevelt went missing.

Markind’s longtime friend Jon Carr posted what had happened to Markind--and that Roosevelt was still missing--on Facebook. The response from the community was overwhelming.

Before long, Roosevelt was found, and the two were reunited. His neighbors also started a GoFundMe page to help Markind pay for any medical bills not covered by his insurance.

“What it’s done for me is give me hope,” Markind told Fox 29 Philadelphia. “It means the world to me--it does.”

Markind still has a long road to recovery, but he feels encouraged, and says the outpouring of support has restored his faith in the goodness of humans.