Conroe ISD teacher under fire after allegedly offering students a perfect score for buying his books

A Conroe ISD teacher is under fire for allegedly telling students they could write a book report or simply purchase the books authored by the teacher off of Amazon. 

The leaked lesson plan from an honors class at York Junior High school has parents and social media reeling.

 The lesson plan was placed on the school’s projector titled "The bonus offer" giving students the option to buy both of the teacher’s books; rate it with 5-stars and leave a good review, in return they’d receive 100% on the assignment. 

One image shows the teacher allegedly helping one of the students set up an amazon account so that they could purchase it. 

The alternative for students who didn’t want to or couldn’t buy the books, would have to read a book assigned to them, and write a 26-page report that would then be graded by the teacher. 

A popular TikTok influencer called the teacher out on his social media, his video went Viral. Conroe ISD parents who saw it say they believe the teacher is basically allowing students to buy a grade.

One parent posted to York Junior High’s Facebook page saying, "Mr. Downing is grade selling."

The school's principal responded to that comment, saying in part, "I have started an investigation into this matter, and I assure you that I take this issue very seriously."

On Saturday we searched Amazon to have a look at the book’s price and recent reviews, but it now says the amazon page can’t be found.   

FOX 26 has reached out to the school district asking about what if any action will be taken, but has not heard back, as of this writing.