Couple finds thousands in cash under the floorboards during home renovation

Never did Andy Rasmussen think he’d find tens of thousands of dollars in cash while peeling up the floorboards during a home renovation. 

“We looked through it,” Rasmussen said of finding the money while renovating an accessible home for a nonprofit Thursday. “It’s $20s and $50s, I’d say $30,000. Maybe more.”

“When we pulled it out, you could see it was ripped open by mice, or mold or wet. Took a peek in there and you could see it was all green backs,” he added.

He and his wife Carissa Rasmussen have been remodeling houses for about 13 years. Their company, Accessible Homes, does renovations for people with disabilities.

This renovation was no different, until Thursday morning that is.

“When we opened up the floor there’s a heat duct that was run under the floor,” Rasmussen said. “And so someone previously must have gone into the utility room and thrown the money up on top of that duct. Pretty crazy.”

“It’s hard to process that amount of cash just laying around, and no one knew existed,” he added. “Well, someone knew, but forgot about.”

That house he is renovating is owned by the nonprofit “Bethesda.” It provides housing and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. That bag of money is now going right back into that nonprofit.

“It speaks to the integrity of our guys and our company,” Rasmussen said. “That we have honest, hard-working people working for us and that it is not going to waste. It’s going to the non-profit that can help people with disabilities.”

The once forgotten, now revered bag of cash now has a new home where it can be put to a very good use.

A spokesperson for Bethesda gave the following statement:

We are so thankful that our contractor on this renovation project, Andy Rasmussen from Accessible Homes, found this money and brought it to our immediate attention. His honesty and integrity are to be commended.