Couple kisses over shopping cart for engagement photo shoot inside Target

A couple who described themselves as not particularly outdoorsy said their creative engagement photos at Target were perfectly suited to who they are.

Aaron Damron, of Erie, Pennsylvania, shared the fun photos on his Facebook page on July 29. He said he and Tony DiPasqua finally booked the photo shoot after “being engaged for what seems like years.”

“We wanted it to be fun. We wanted it to be us. We’re not what you call outdoorsy. You won’t find us frolicking through the woods or over train tracks – but you can almost always find us at Target,” Damron said.

Erica Whiting Photography took the the photographs, which featured the couple riding in a shopping cart, clinking mugs with the word Hubby on them and kissing over a shopping cart in the freezer aisle.

Whiting shared the photos in a blog post on her website, saying the “funniest couple award” went to the Damron and DiPasqua. She said they “talked, laughed and walked around the store” to get the perfect photos.

“Aaron playfully pushed Tony through the aisles of Target where they shopped for their kitties (they have three), shopped for groceries and browsed the home good section. Just your typical Friday night date night for these two,” Whiting said.

The couple also took a few photos outside of the retail giant, sitting atop its signature red concrete balls with their backs to each other, grinning from ear-to-ear and holding hands.

“Photographs should tell a story about your life and if the photograph captures your personality and memories successfully any setting can be ‘conventional,’” Whiting said. “Your photographs are meant to celebrate you and your decision to start a life together.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles.