Crime Stoppers Valentine's Day special hopes to find Texas outlaws

Hays County Crime Stoppers is advertising a Valentine's Day Special on Facebook, in the hopes that some onetime lovers will turn in their outlaw exes. 

"So with the post, the idea was if you had an ex-Valentine that had warrants we were offering for you to call and let us know their location," said Sgt. Jeffrey Jordan, executive director of Hays County Crime Stoppers.

"We'll take care of the rest," it reads--boasting "a set of limited-edition platinum bracelets, free transportation with a chauffeur, one-night minimum stay in luxurious five-star accommodations and professional glamour shots." 

The post ends by saying "We don't blame you. This special is too sweet to pass up. Operators are standing by!"

"It was more about having a little bit of fun getting the name of crimestoppers out there," said Jordan. 

"Like every other reaction I just laughed, I mean I thought it was hilarious, although warrants are very important," said Officer Dan Pruitt, warrant officer for the Kyle Police Dept. 

Pruitt says the toughest part of his job is finding updated contact and location information for suspects, and that's where a former Valentine could be helpful. 

"We’ve all had one. I know I’ve had one or two myself. Why not, I mean if you know somebody and they’ve done something, and they’re an ex-Valentine, call crime stoppers, let 'em know. And we’ll come out and visit 'em," said Pruitt.

And, since tips are anonymous, your ex never has to know. So...would you do it?

"There are tons of women out there that would do it. And that’s their choice," said Ruth Alexander of Kyle. 

What about men?

"Absolutely. Yeah, more so than women." 

Although some, like Alexander, worry about a little thing called karma. 

"Once you start pointing fingers at someone for what they did or didn’t do, and get them caught, it’s going to come back on you. It will," said Alexander. 

But Pruitt stresses: you'd really be doing the right thing. 

"Oh, yeah. Valentine’s tips would be wonderful," said Pruitt. 

If you have a tip for Hays County Crime Stoppers--whether you're an ex or not--call 1-800-324-TIPS, or download the P3Tips app. There could be a reward involved as well. 

And if you have a warrant, police recommend you turn yourself in before your ex does. 

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