Cyclist killed in South Austin crash

A cyclist is dead after attempting to cross the I-35 Frontage Road near Ben White. “The driver did remain on scene,” said Sergeant Christina Diven with Austin police.

The bike laid bent off to the side of the road as police spent Friday afternoon trying to figure out who had the right of way, as the collision happened near a cross walk. “They're still investigating what occurred and what was the cause of it,” said Sgt Diven.

Following this recent death, Austin police is urging everyone from cyclists to pedestrians to be extra cautious when crossing a road as there is an uptick in traffic fatalities in general across the city.

“We are a very friendly pedestrian city so there's a lot of people walking around or using the scooters or traveling different modes then just vehicles,” said Sgt Diven.

This is Austin’s 52nd fatal traffic crash so far this year, resulting in 54 deaths.

This is higher than the 42 fatal traffic crashes last year around this time which resulted in 43 deaths.

“Look to see if traffic is coming because we do have people who will run a red light so even though you've got the right of way you need to always make sure that somebody is not going to run the red light and collide with you. You need to always be aware of your surroundings and what you are doing before you enter the road way,” said Sgt Diven.

As Austin’s population continues to grow, Austin police said drivers also need to keep a look out.

No charges have been filed in this recent case.