Dad celebrates 'midlife crisis' with epic ‘Game Of Thrones'-inspired photo shoot, goes viral

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Photo via Sheridan's Art

A few days ago, the photographers behind Sheridan’s Art released a photo project that has the internet talking: an epic tale of one man’s “midlife crisis” by way of a Game of Thrones-inspired photo shoot with his entire family.

“The Goron Chronicles” follows Wim Tilkin of Belgium and his family—apparent Game of Thrones fans—as they celebrate the father’s 50th birthday in Cornwall, England, complete with GoT-inspired garb.

In the photo series, Wim plays Cornish lord Goron, whose king forces him to fight against evil forces that threaten their kingdom. Goron leaves for battle, launching a series of fantastical encounters and heroic battle.

The project was many months in the making. Wim even grew out his beard and hair for nine months leading up to the photo shoot.

“Before I knew it, I was shooting a real life myth at Tintagel castle, many miles away from Belgium in England under his command,” the photographer Laura Sheridan said in blog post.

Wim Tilkin’s unique way of ringing in his milestone birthday, and his family’s commitment to the commemorative photos, has rightfully drawn praise from around the globe.