Dallas Police officer hospitalized after wreck sends squad car into creek

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A Dallas police officer was taken to a hospital after their squad car was involved in a wreck and sent over a bridge into the creek below.

The wreck happened at the intersection of Westmoreland and Kiest Road in West Oak Cliff Monday around 3 p.m.

Police say the officer was on his way to a theft-in-progress call and was heading south on Westmoreland when he was hit by a Chevy truck, launching his squad car into the air and into the creek.

Detectives want to know if the driver of the pick up truck intentionally hit the officer or simply ran the stop sign. 

Investigators aren't saying how fast the officer was driving at the time of impact, however, we do know the officer was not running "lights and sirens" when he was responding to that 911 call he never made it to.

Viewer photos show several Good Samaritans jumping into the creek to try to help the officer.

One rescuer, Richard Robertson, injured himself smashing out the squad car's window to revive  the injured officer.  

"He said nobody else was in there," Robertson said, "I've got you, you've got to hold on.  I looked up top I said "hey you guys, come help me.  Everybody came.  One big family.  We pushed the car over."

The officer is said to be in critical condition, but medically stable.

Police say the suspect, or suspects, ran away from the scene and are currently looking for them. They believe the truck is possibly stolen.