Dancing Trucker Shaking His Groove Thang Across the Nation

Sometimes when people reach out to you on twitter you end up making a friend. Other times you end up finding social media gold. In this case, with Big John, we got a twofer. 

John Drury, aka Big John the Dancing Trucker is on a mission. Not only does the 6'7" 350 pound giant have a infectious smile, but he also has a great outlook on life. His hashtags of #LiveFitHaulLong and #DanceLikeMad have become mottos for life as he travels from truck stop to truck stop getting his groove on.

He claimed he's "dancing in front of all these truckers, promoting all this fitness, promoting health. I'm on a weight loss tour and I'm going to dance for you again!"

The big lug has been featured at a few special events, has led dances on a stage at The Great American Trucking Show and will soon be featured at a truck stop event in Texas. 

He says it's a dream come true to dance, drive and inspire others to live healthy. Talk about a unique messenger in this time of excess. If you would like to keep up with Big John and his dance videos you can follow him on twitter @BigJohnsTruckin

This is just one of Big Johns easy to follow dance videos! Enjoy!