Data breach leads to personal info of teachers being posted online

Jayne Serna is like any other person when it comes to checking mail, except this time one letter caught her attention.

"I received a letter at the end of June that said some of my personal information had been inadvertently posted on the internet,"

Serna works as a high school teacher for Leander ISD and at Austin community college.

Along with the letter from the Texas Association of School Boards, she was also contacted by email by the Austin Community college informing her of the data breach.

"I didn't think about it too much then i thought 'oh my name my social security that means my credit history that means that somebody could open accounts in my name that means there’s now access points no longer secure as they once were," said Serna

She said a lot is at stake.

"Now I have to make sure that nobody has stolen her identity that nobody has opened a new account that somebody doesn't get a news Porsche in my name that sort of things," said Serna

According to the letter, there hasn't been evidence that any information has been used to commit identity theft.
But Serna said it's too early to make that assumption.

"If TASB had monitored the data the way they were supposed to this wouldn't be necessary, so if my information doesn't get stolen that’s great but it's because I got lucky," Serna said.

She also said she's left with many unanswered questions.

"That confidential information should be much more secure I cannot image and there's no good explanation in either the email or the letter about how that occurred what could of possible led to the posting of my name and social security number on the Texas Ass. School Board website," said Serna.