Debris from 183 flyover injures man and his girlfriend

Luis Sanchez says on August 16 around 6:30 p.m. he and his girlfriend were on the way home when they were abruptly stopped. Sanchez says debris fell from the 183 flyover close to the Rundberg Road exit. 

The debris shattered his front windshield, and he slammed on his brakes, causing bruising and some cuts on their hands. He says after hearing what happened Tuesday night on another deck on I-35 north of St. David's Medical Center, he thinks debris falling isn't just a coincidence, it's extremely dangerous.

Sanchez says he filed a complaint with the Austin Police Department, and they told him it very well could have been debris from an overpass that hit his car.

Sanchez says this has been straining his pockets as his insurance is making him pay a $500 deductible, something he says he simply can't afford to do right now.

“I had to pay my deductible $1700, another $500 to get my car fixed," he said. "I work but it's just not enough to get by."

He also has medical bills due from the crash.

“Cervical strain, thoracic strain, torn muscle or strain, and my pain is getting worse," Sanchez said. "
"Spasms on my back. Same with my girlfriend and she’s worse.”

Concerning the incident Tuesday night, the Texas Department of Transportation says lane closures will happen sometime soon in order to make repairs on the deck.