Dog attack caught on camera

Terrifying moments were captured by a neighbor when Manor police say a Pitbull mix, attacked a seven-year-old boy.

“With the amount of kids who were in this neighborhood it's just scary to know this dog was in the neighborhood,” said the boy's mother, Shauna Aldridge.

Brison was playing outside Monday afternoon. He went down the road to return a scooter to his friend.

“Next thing you know, one of the neighborhood kids ran up and said Brison was being attacked by a dog,” said Aldridge.

She quickly ran over to the scene to find utter chaos.

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“Neighbors were coming over, they had blood on their shirt, it was terrifying,” said Aldridge.

Brison suffered bite injuries to his back and thighs. Luckily, none were life-threatening.
“This is the most severe case I've seen in my five years here as far as attacks with dogs on humans," said Sgt. Craig Struble with the Manor Police Department. 

Manor police say the dog owner was issued four citations. They haven't decided if they will pursue further charges. They hope this could be a reminder of the leash law and ordinance in place.

“They have to be put on a tether, which is a line from one object to another where they can run back and forth,” said Struble.

Aldridge says she isn't surprised by the dog's behavior.

“Many neighbors say this dog has torn down their fence and attacked other dogs,” said Aldridge.

Fox 7 tried contacting the dog's owner, with no luck. The family owns a Pitbull so even after this vicious attack, they don't blame the dog, but the owner.

Brison's wounds could heel soon, but emotional ones may take longer.

“We know there are going to be some scars but we know this could've turned a whole different direction,” said Aldridge.

Aldridge says she will consider taking legal action if medical bills pile up, and she deems it fit. The dog is being quarantined at the Austin Animal Center to check for rabies. It is after those ten days, when they will decide if the dog will be put down or not.