Dog trapped on 400-foot cliff in New York rescued by cop using ropes

A dog stuck halfway down a 400-foot cliff in an upstate New York gorge Monday had to be rescued by a police officer who had to use a harness and ropes to find the stranded canine.

The New York State Parks office said visitors to Letchworth State Park reported the dog barking in the gorge area of Hogsback Overlook along the Genesee River, located about 30 miles southwest of Rochester.

Officials said State Park Police Sgt. Ryan Clancy was lowered down by ropes and hauled back up with the dog named Skippy, who was reported missing in the park two days earlier.

The rescue took place in an area where the gorge is "extremely steep and wooded for approximately 200 feet before it transitions to a sheer vertical shale wall several hundred feet to the bottom," according to the Parks office.

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