Donated kidney recipients meet donors for first time

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Five people needed kidneys - and five people stepped up to help with no questions asked.

Ten donors and recipients, eight in a Living Donor Kidney Transplant Chain and one paired donation, met for the first time at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit Monday.

"This is really great to see people give a gift, a gift they did not have to give," said Dr. Jason Denny. "It is a tremendous health gift but is also very much an emotional gift as you can see."

The four donors in the chain were trying to help loved ones, but in each case the kidneys were not a match.

"The happiest day of my life was when I found out I was when I found out I was going to be able to donate," said Kimberly Piskos, a donor. "Whether it was to him or somebody else."

Each person there is still donating, so everyone who needed a kidney got one - just not from the donor they had planned on.

"I have always wanted to watch my grandkids grow up," said Holly Dewey, a recipient. "And now thanks to you I have that opportunity."

It's a similar story for 55-year-old Shelly Wood of Grand Ledge, who was hoping to donate her kidney to her cousin, 36-year-old Jesse Sisk. But before her transplant, Sisk got an infection and lost her life in December of 2017. But Wood was still prepared to give.

"I had gone through the process to be approved, there was one test left," she said. "And I said I'm ready."

After waiting for a kidney for over two-and-a-half years, 49-year-old Antonio Motley of Detroit got the call last September. And now, he and Wood, finally met.

"It's very humbling," Motley said. "In the back of your head, you kind of think, was I worthy. I'm just very thankful. Some people could've just given up and she continued. I am very thankful."

FOX 2: "You guys are bonded forever."

"Forever," said Wood.

For more information about the Living Organ Donation or you would like to be a donor, click here