Dr. Oz pulls over to help Prince George's County school band during bus fire on New Jersey Turnpike

A Prince George’s County high school band received some help from TV’s Dr. Mehmet Oz after their bus caught on fire along the New Jersey Turnpike during a trip to New York.

Prince George’s County Public Schools said students from Northwestern High School’s visual art program in Hyattsville attended an event in New York over the weekend.

While heading back to Maryland on Sunday, the band’s charter bus blew a tire and the bus caught on fire along the New Jersey Turnpike.

Dr. Oz just happened to be driving by as the bus became engulfed in flames and stopped to help. Officials said everyone got off the bus safely and some students were checked at the scene, but refused treatment. 

“I’m just so thankful everyone made it out safe and sound,” Dr. Oz wrote on Facebook.

Dr. Oz's video showed flames roaring from the bus as people rushed to move instruments away from the blaze.

Officials said the students grabbed what instruments they could, but reported some instruments were lost during the fire.

Music & Arts, Washington Music Center and Baltimore Brass came forward to help donate instruments or repair instruments for the students, according to Prince George’s County Public Schools.