Dripping Springs residents voice concerns over development near Hamilton Pool

The Hamilton Pool Reserve is one of the Hill Country's best kept treasures and Dripping Springs homeowners want to keep it that way.

Angelica Johnsen was driving home when she said she saw construction on a property upstream from Hamilton creek.10-acres of what's slated to become an R-V park.

"We are not opposed to development the development here is bound to happen, but we want to make it harmonious with the community, especially by being so close to Hamilton Pool," said Johnsen. "Because it is Hamilton Pool once we ruin it we can't have another one back."

Sandra Bennett, Vice President of Bentree Builders, said the company has applied for several permits to construct the development. "It will be awesome for people to come and there and stay and visit Hamilton Pool and so many of the wineries and breweries in the area, they need a place to stay."

More than eight thousand people have signed a petition to raise awareness about the development.

Neighbors fear the RV park will contaminate ground water, reduce flows into Hamilton Pool and the potential pollution the surface runoff could create. "What's at stake is not the contamination of Hamilton Pool not right now but overtime," Johnsen said.

Melissa Johnson lives just down the road of the proposed site and thought of the fire that evacuated the neighborhood in 2011. "The development concerns me for emergency purposes and traffic purposes," Johnson said. "There's only one way in and one way out of the road."

Bennett said she hears the concern of the neighborhood and plans to abide by the county's safety guidelines. "We have engineers that are at the top of their field in every way that are working on this project, and we have guidelines that keep it very safe, and we have to meet those guidelines. We respect the water in the area out here it's beautiful, and we want to keep it that way, and we intend to."

Homeowners want Travis County Leaders and the LCRA to review current development guidelines and help preserve Hamilton Pool for future generations.

Bennett said she looks forward to meeting with residents Tuesday.