Early morning police chase ends in fatality

A suspect involved in a multi county police chase has died. Officials have yet to disclose why they were pursuing the driver.

The chase reportedly started in Williamson County and ended with a crash at Bethune Avenue and St. Johns Avenue.

Around 1:45 a.m. this morning, Austin police say one of their helicopters was assisting the Williamson County Sheriff's Office with a vehicle pursuit as the car was driving down I-35 South.

About two hours later, APD says the chase was over after the cra jumped the curb and crashed into some trees on St. Johns Avenue.

The driver was prounounced dead.

Austin police is classifying the death as an in custody death which mean the person actually died while in custody and not in the car.

Officials say they don't believe anyone else was in the car.

Both APD and the Williamson County Sheriff's Office are investigating.