Woman kidnapped, robbed in East Austin; police looking for suspects

The Austin Police Department is looking for two suspects that forced a woman into a vehicle in East Austin then stole from her.

APD says that around 11:45 a.m. on July 19, an older woman told officers she was walking around her neighborhood when a man and a woman approached her in the 2300 block of Francisco Street.

The woman told her she had a gun and both of them forced the victim into a vehicle, demanding a large amount of money. When the victim tried to leave the vehicle, the man pointed a handgun at her and ordered her to stay inside the vehicle.

The suspects then took the victim to her bank and forced her to withdraw a large amount of money, then used her bank card at an ATM. The suspects then took her to a business where the female suspect forced her to user her credit cards to purchase expensive items while the man waited in the vehicle.

"I just never heard about anything like this. It’s pretty quiet around here," said Carlos Garcia, a neighbor who knows the victim.

Finally, the suspects dropped the victim off in the middle of the street at another location and fled the area.

"I've been in the robbery unit for over two years now, and I've never had a case like this," said Det. Brendan Schwanky of the Austin Police Dept.

Schwanky is calling this incident a "brazen crime." 

Police say the woman not trying to resist may have saved her life. 

"She definitely did the right thing," said Schwanky. "She definitely was scared, of course, due to the gravity of the situation. But when they dropped her off, she was not injured."

Schwanky says this is a prime example of how important it is to stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings. 

"Walking in groups is always better than walking alone," he said.

The suspects are described as:

The male suspect is described as Hispanic, in his early 20s, approximately 5'8" with a thin build and black hair in a fade-style haircut. He was last seen wearing a blue surgical mask, blue-and-white plaid shirt, dark pants, and black shoes with white soles.

The female suspect is described as Hispanic, 5'6" with a medium build and medium-length brown hair. She was last seen wearing a black fisherman style hat, blue surgical mask, gray shirt, camo pants, and black shoes.

The suspects were driving a blue 2019 Ford Escape with an unknown license plate.

"What I really want from the public right now is just take a really good look at those photos and pass those photos on, post on Facebook. Try to get them out to as many people as possible. Because if these people are local, I've a good feeling with these photos they will be identified," said Schwanky.

Anyone with information about this incident should call the APD Robbery tip line at (512) 974-5092, Crime Stoppers at 512-472-TIPS or use the new Crime Stoppers App.