SWAT situation in East Austin, suspect arrested

A SWAT situation in East Austin was concluded early Sunday morning.

According to Austin police, a woman called in a possible abduction in the 4700 block of Prock Lane. The caller told police she witnessed a female "actively abducted and being forced into a car." 

Police attempted to stop the car, but the car did not stop, which lead to a pursuit. Officers lost the car, however, an hour later, they found the same car in the 2900 block of E 12th Street.

Police said officers were called and surrounded the home. After the door continued to go unanswered, a SWAT team was called.

Another person who lived in the home said the man was heard with a woman when they came inside.

The SWAT operation ended shortly after 7 a.m. Sunday. Police arrested the suspect and the victim was found with no injuries.