Election Judges busy this weekend getting ready for Election Day

Just a couple days away from Election Day means preps were underway at the Travis County Clerk’s Office. Election Judges were busy getting their equipment ready for their voting centers, so they could be ready for what could be a record breaking turnout of voters. 

Jan Hanz was one of those Election Judges who picked up her supplies on Sunday, “We're picking up our JVC, picking up printers, laptops, our forms, just our equipment we need,” she said. Hanz said she started working for the Travis County Elections years ago because she felt she had a civic duty. “I got into it because I really feel people should vote, that we are going to have a representative democracy and the only way to do that is to get everyone out to vote,” she said.

A few years back, Travis County began moving toward “Voting Centers” rather than Neighborhood polling places. County Clerk Dana Debeauvoir said the move has helped with long lines. “You can go anywhere in Travis County that is convenient for your schedule on Election Day. Vote anywhere you see a vote here sign,” she said. A second changed aimed at lowering wait times, a new system that helps polling workers assist voters with address changes and special assistance, while still in line. “Triage tablets are helping us work the crowds’ a lot quicker, work the lines of voters, a lot more quickly so by the time you get to sign in at the table you're ready to go to vote,” Debeauvoir said.

Still be prepared for lines on Tuesday, but there's ways to beat long wait times. You can still go to www. IVoteEarly.com and they have a red, yellow, green system to show which locations have the longest wait times. “We hope voters will take advantage of that so that they won't have to wait quite so long, we want you to take advantage of county resources and we want to make it helpful for you conveniently and quickly,” Debeauvoir said.

Convenient and quick is something all election workers are hopeful for come Election Day. “We make sure that everyone comes in and is able to vote as quickly as possible and have a good voting experience,” Hanz said.

If you have any questions or concerns on Election Day, Debeauvoir said they have their call center ready with extra staff on Tuesday. They will be available over the phone from 7am to 7pm at 512-238-VOTE.