Elgin man requests Bastrop County fund more ambulances for city

David Apperley’s daughter waited 28 minutes for an ambulance to arrive at Elgin Middle School.

Dakotah Apperley, 13, suffers from Epilepsy her father said she has seizures weekly. Apperley said Wednesday wasn’t the first time his daughter had to wait an extended period of time for help.

"What do you got to do you ain't got no choice,” said Apperley. “Do I either put my daughter in the truck and bring to the hospital myself? or do I wait for the ambulance to get there whenever they decide to get there."

Bastrop County has been contracting with Acadian Ambulance for their 911 medical emergencies since 2015. Vice President, James Mayer said the county has four ambulances, one stationed in Elgin, one in Smithville, Cedar Creek and Bastrop. 

Mayer said Wednesday the company experienced a high call volume and had potentially seven to eight ambulances in the area. "Call volume in Bastrop County fluctuates and likewise we've put up ambulances to meet the needs of the area," said Mayer.

Apperley is asking the county to consider purchasing more ambulances or contracting a different company.

Bastrop County Emergency Management did not release their monthly report detailing the response times from Acadian. However, Mayer said the company has been in compliance with the county’s needs and requirements according to their contract.