Embattled TABC names new Executive Director

After interviewing candidates since 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, the TABC has announced Adrian Bentley Nettles will take over the Executive Director job in August.  Nettles is an attorney and former U.S. Army Brigadier General. 

TABC Chairman Kevin Lilly said "This is an extremely important day for TABC. This selection is the first step in restoring the public’s trust and making TABC a model of public service, transparency, and accountability. First and foremost, TABC serves the people of Texas. It’s my expectation that the new executive director find ways to improve customer service statewide while upholding our public safety mission and acting as a careful steward of taxpayer funds." 

"Tuesday marks the beginning of a new chapter for this agency, and I’m confident General Nettles will lead TABC to a bright future.”

The agency took heat when the Texas Tribune and state lawmakers accused former Executive Director Sherri Cook and other TABC officials of frivolous spending and abuse of power.  Cook stepped down in May and last Friday acting Executive Director Ed Swedberg resigned as well.  That's a total of 6 high level positions vacated since May.