Facebook post leads police to suspect at Iron Maiden concert

Facebook is a platform where some people are known for sharing a little too much information about their social lives.

Over the weekend, police benefited from someone's over-sharing. A post leads them right to their man.

Wanted kidnapping suspect derrick Roseland got a ticket to jail over the weekend.

Austin police contacted Bexar County Sheriff's deputies in San Antonio to let them know Roseland would possibly attend an Iron Maiden concert at the AT&T center Saturday.

Police said Roseland's friend posted a photo of concert tickets on Facebook showing the exact section, row and seat.

It made things pretty easy for the deputies.

"His ID was confirmed and it was then that the deputies were able to get close enough to where they could ID him and then apprehend him,” said Sandra Pickell. "It was a coordinated effort. The arrest was made without incident."

Roseland was wanted for an incident that occurred in North Austin on June 12th.

Officers working an undercover operation at the clarion inn off 183 saw Roseland go into a hotel room, then exit a short time later indicating possible drug activity.

An officer attempted to pull Roseland over as he left the property, but Roseland kept going, throwing suspected narcotics from his vehicle.

Police say Roseland later ditched his vehicle and forced a driver to give him a ride to a jack in the box.

The driver said Roseland said he had a gun and told him to "get him out of here or else."

Police issued a warrant for aggravated kidnapping and had been looking for him ever since.

Thanks to his friend, he is now in jail.

Roseland has been in an out of jail at least since 2003 on charges including drug possession, evading and burglary. He has also served time in prison.
For this case he has a $150-thousand dollar bond and the judge has ordered that he wear a GPS monitor.