Facebook posts lead police to serial teen robbers

Three teen robbers virtually turned themselves in as police say they left a trail of their crimes on Facebook. They were still posting as police moved in to make the arrest.

Police say one of the teens was arrested at the Little Walnut Creek Library off Rundberg and Lamar while updating Facebook with a photo of stolen shoes and the hastag YOLO or "you only live once."

Officers say there are five victims total. Two of them told police they were robbed as they met the teen suspects at the Cross Creek Apartments on Rutland to sell shoes. Victims said they were punched, grabbed by the throat and one was even shot in the arm with a B-B pistol.

Police say the teen robbers were using the Facebook page called "ATX small feet 4-8" to find victims and then sell the stolen items.

Officers say they even got into discussions with their victims online in which they admitted to the crimes. One suspect posted "I like to see people get robbed."

"With the influx of social media it's becoming more and more prevalent not only using the social media sites to commit robberies, but also to communicate after the robberies. Suspects will post information, confessions pretty much, videos of the incidents, it's certainly happened," APD Sgt. Greg White said.

The three robbers, ages 13-16, were arrested on September 7th and charged with aggravated robbery. Officers believe there is at least one additional victim. All victims are juveniles.