Family looking for NC Guard soldier who saved them during storm

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Parents to four young kids are trying to track down a soldier who helped save their lives. Jessica Gilbert and her husband, James High were well prepared for a snowstorm to hit their home in Collettsville. They weren’t prepared for what would happen.

“It really started around 2:30 in the morning when I heard a pop,” Jessica said.

The family would later discover trees were starting to topple, which was fine; they had enough food to last for days, but then the power went out.

“At that point,” Gilbert said. “we were just bundling up all the kids, and I just kept bundling her up,” she said referencing her three-month-old daughter. “Her hands and her feet were starting to turn purple, and she was freezing and her chin was chattering.”

The family’s Jeep wouldn’t make it up the driveway. Trees blocked the roads. Jessica and her husband James were trapped and needed help fast. They dialed 911.

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“They sent EMS to our house for her,” Jessica said talking about her baby daughter. “and when they got there, they said, ‘OK we can't even get out. We're stuck.’”

That’s when dispatch called in the National Guard. The soldier, whose name remains a mystery, carried their three-month-old daughter roughly a quarter of a mile to their Humvee, keeping her warm the whole way.

Today, the family stayed in the comfort of their friends’ home in Hudson; safe, thanks to that man.

“They were there to help when nobody else was,” James High said.

FOX 46 is working to get results for the family. They’re hoping to learn the name of the soldier who helped save them, so they can send him a thank you letter.