Family member remembers couple from North Texas killed by Alabama tornado

A relative of a North Texas woman who was killed when tornados swept through Alabama is reflecting on her life.

Felicia Woodall, 22, and her fiancé, Ryan Pence, were both killed by an EF-4 tornado on March 3.

Pence was a Wylie East High School graduate, while Woodall spent part of her childhood in Weatherford.

Her uncle remembers Woodall as a sweet girl who loved to laugh.

The National Weather Service says the deadly tornado in Alabama traveled more than 68 miles, producing winds up to 170 miles per hour.

Pence and Woodall were among the 23 people killed in the EF-4 tornado that hit a rural community in Alabama.

“They were engaged. Just bought their house. Doing great. 22 years old,” Woodall’s uncle, John Thomas, said.

Thomas said that he video chatted with his niece every Sunday, and the day of the tornado was no different.

He said she mentioned the threat of tornadoes, but the two were going about their normal life.

“Making lunches for the week, prepping meals, and Ryan was fixing to do his homework. He was studying criminal justice,” Thomas added.

The house, which the couple bought in January to be close to Pence's mother, is now gone.

Thomas said his niece loved Texas so much, she had a tattoo of the shape of the state, and she was a joy to be around.

“Her laughter was just contagious. That's the best way to describe her,” Thomas said.

The couple met online in 2016 and were engaged to be married. They were beginning a life together in Alabama with their four dogs.

Two of the dogs were killed in the tornado. One survived and another remains missing.

“They were found with their dogs,” Thomas said. “Two of the dogs were found with Ryan and Felicia.”

There was a memorial service for Pence in Alabama earlier this week.