Family of Givens Park murder victim remembers '12 Street Big Dre'

The family of a man murdered in east Austin is pleading with anyone who has information that can help police to come forward. 

47-year-old Andre Lanier Davis Sr. was shot to death in Givens Park Tuesday night. Police are still searching for several suspects.

Andre Davis Jr., also known as local rap artist Dre Prince, came back to east Austin to say goodbye to his father. 

"He was my father and my mentor, my spirit, my guidance and I'm proud to say he was that for a lot of other people as well,” Davis Jr. said. "No matter what going on he made sure he always smiled and helped everybody on top of being an amazing parent."

Police believe the shooting was part of a robbery. They’re asking witnesses who didn’t stay to speak with police to help them piece together what happened.

A teddy bear placed in a chair surrounded by candles and flowers holds a place for Davis Sr. After news spread of Davis Sr's passing the community quickly gathered to remember '12 Street Big Dre.'

Longtime friend Keith Nephew Carter considered Davis Sr. a mentor and a father figure.

"I was raised up, I didn't have a father around but you know a lot of us in that situation take to the streets and when I took to the streets, Dre embraced me and took me under his wing," Carter said. "Big Dre was 12 Street, he was the franchise player, he was the poster boy, he was someone every young hustler desired to be."

Although Davis has passed those who knew him say 12 Street will never forget him.

"They might have killed Dre but they couldn't kill Dre's spirit,” Carter said. "Dre raised a lot of people and so his spirit is going to live on through us."

Anyone with information regarding Davis’s case is asked to contact the Austin Police Department.