Family says video shows officer using excessive force on son at RRHS

Sophomore Gyasi Hughes was put in a chokehold yesterday after officers say he refused to calm down.

The fourteen year old sophomore had asked a classmate for his football goggles back, but was refused them.  So Hughes went through the teens backpack. The two got into a fistfight.  An administrator tried to break it up and called police.

They tried talking Hughes down but round rock police say they couldn’t and were forced to detain him. Hughes says it was unnecessary excessive force.

According to Hughes, “I didn't want him to take me down like that. If you are going to ask me and want me to calm down it doesn't seem that you should use physical, you shouldn't physically touch me if I am not physically hitting you or punching him back and I am equally trying to calm down. Like they say I was trying to walk away but not go after the student.”

Hughes was suspended and will serve two detentions. It’s not clear what kind of punishment the other student will receive.

FOX 7 has learned that Hughes' father has filed charges against the officer for excessive force.

The Round Rock Police Department did put out a statement detailing the incident, they say no criminal charges against Hughes have been filed but they did not mention that a chokehold was used on him.

While the incident is under review a spokesperson tells FOX 7 the officer is still on duty.

Round Rock ISD also released a statement.