Father posts heartwarming video about acceptance after son chooses doll at store

Willis holds up the doll his son picked out at the store and presents it to the camera.

How would you feel if your son chose this??


A California father posted a video to Facebook that has gone viral and is now sparking conversations about acceptance.


Mikki Willis posted this video explaining what happened when he went to the store with his son to exchange one of his birthday gifts for one he didn’t already have.

While at the store, his son chose a Little Mermaid doll.

“Now how do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this?”

“YEAH!” Willis and his son yelled in approval.

“Choose your expression, choose what you’re into, choose your sexuality, choose whatever,” Willis said.

Willis then concluded the video by saying that his promise to his sons is that he will love and accept them no matter the circumstance.

Since it was posted on August 21, the video has accrued more than 9 million views.