Fayette County now Recovery Mode

The flood waters started to recede from the west side of La Grange Tuesday morning. The retreat back toward the main banks of the Colorado River brought welcome relief.

But there was a lot anxiety, especially for the families held back by barricades waiting to return to their homes.

"Some of these kids cry, they don't stop crying because they want their house, they want their houses and go home and there is nothing to go home to. It’s horrible and it breaks our hearts, but we have to stay together,” said Edna Palacios.

Three mobile home parks are among the hardest hit in La Grange. From SkyFOX Drone trailers can be seen that were swept away from their lots. Several ended up in debris piles others were left blocking roadways.

"It’s devastating down there,” said Kenneth Powell.

Powell watched it all happened from the edge of Main Street.

"There were whole trailer houses that were floating across the road, there is even a big container down there that came probably half a mile away from here,” said Powell.

One of the damaged trailers belongs to Dan Wedding who got a quick view Tuesday of his old neighborhood.

"And this trailer right here, belongs over there by that building," said Wedding.

We first spoke to wedding Sunday afternoon as he took down an American flag from his porch. He left his trailer behind and despite the loss, Wedding remains optimistic.

"Mostly it could have been worse,” said Wedding.

Before people were allowed back into the evacuation zone fire crews conducted a block by block -door to door - safety sweep.

There was a small victory for one resident, a, “what was lost is now found” moment. It happened during one of our morning reports. FOX7 reporter Tanya Ortega found several old photographs in the flood debris and mentioned what she found. Nathan Hess and his wife were watching.

"My wife seen these come across the TV and my wife said, those are my pictures from about 16 or 17 years ago when she was in San Antonio. We just appreciate everything most definitely,” said Hess.

Help is being offered for what can’t be found or must be replaced. Groups like this one have started handing out free clothing on street corners. Neighbor helping neighbor, a small but big step in the recovery effort.

A campaign was launched for volunteers and donations to help with the recovery. Information about that can be found on the FOX7's website and also on the Fayette County website.