Federal investigation into deadly church bus crash

Federal investigators got their first look Thursday at the deadly head-on crash near Garner state Park, about 75 miles west of San Antonio. 13 members of First Baptist church of New Braunfels were killed when the bus they were in collided with a white pickup truck.

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Highway 83 reopened to traffic Thursday but skid marks and fluid stains can still be seen on the curve where the crash happened. Located next to Garner State Park, the roads narrow and winds up and down steep hills. Those who live in the nearby town of Leakey, like Mark Spaniel, say the roadways is known for terrible accidents.

"It is a dangerous stretch of road especially in the summertime when you combine it with tourist but even during this time of year it is dangerous and you got to be heads up when you're driving north or south," said Spaniel.

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The NTSB  team is expected to consider road conditions  but typically in cases like this investigators will look into several different possible reasons for the crash; from driver error to the mechanical failure of one or both of the vehicles.

FOX 7 learned that the federal investigators spent most of the day examining the bodies of the victims at a funeral home in Uvalde. With the NTSB now working the case, officials with DPS started backtracking on an earlier determination.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for the troopers said it appeared the truck crossed the double yellow center line and drifted into the church bus. It was an assessment apparently based on a witness.

On Thursday, the Uvalde Leader-News reported a Leakey resident called police before the crash to report a reckless driver. The newspaper also reported video of the driver, recorded by the witness, was confiscated by law enforcement.

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When asked about that report, officials at the Real County Sheriff's Office declined to comment only to say the case remains under investigation and that further inquiries should be submitted to DPS.

The 20-year-old driver of the pickup truck who survived the crash is identified as Jack Dillon Young. He once attended Leakey High School but according to the superintendent he left in 2014 before graduating.

"It was pretty surprising, I wasn't expecting that," said Trey who knows Jack Young.

Irving told FOX 7 he was surprised because he hasn't seen Young drive erratically. "I was like, wow, that's crazy, considering how many people were on that bus that's pretty devastating."

Officials with DPS tell FOX 7 a blood sample will be taken from Jack Young.

An autopsy has also been ordered for the driver of the church bus, who is identified as Murray Barrett.