First of its kind liquid meth bust in Austin

Austin Police make record seizure of liquid crystal meth.

It's the first time the department has seen the form of the drug.

The drug was concealed in the gas tank of a vehicle. The occupants had just arrived here in Austin from Mexico.

APD video shows officers as they cut into the gas tank Tuesday to reveal its contents.

Officers say it was 8 to 10 gallons of liquid meth housed in a false compartment in the gas tank.

The weight of the meth once turned back into crystal form was 64 pounds. That's a street value of 2.75 to 3 million dollars.

Officers say they made the discovery thanks to a tip. The vehicle was pulled over on I-35.

Lt. Frank Dixon of the Austin Police Department says, "This is the first seizure for the Austin Police Department dealing with liquid forms of crystal methamphetamine and it's a new and emerging threat that we're seeing coming from Mexico. It's a lot easier to conceal and transport in liquid form than it is in powder form."

Last fall Williamson County Drug Interdiction Officers made their first seizure of liquid meth. In that case 111 pounds of liquid meth was found.  The drug was also found in the vehicle's gas tank.

Austin Police say the two people who were the vehicle they stopped will be charged with conspiracy to distribute. They are not being identified at this time.