Flights delayed at ABIA after TCSO investigates reports of gunman shooting at an aircraft

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office alongside assisting agencies investigated Richard Moya Park Thursday afternoon. TCSO reported a gunman shooting at an aircraft.

The search caused the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport to stop planes from departing. ABIA Spokesperson Bryce Dubee said planes could arrive but multiple remained grounded.

"Out of an abundance of caution we initiated ground stoppage and about 30 minutes later opened up on our lanes for departures and after an hour opened up all our runways and resumed operations,” Dubee said." The ground stoppage was initiated through our airside operations and it did affect all of our runways for both terminals."

Connie and Al Creech were stuck in their plane for nearly two hours. They tell FOX 7 they heard an alarm as they were boarding and a voice over the intercom saying there was an escaped inmate in the area and they needed to remain seated.

Multiple flights were delayed. A passenger from Cincinnati says her plane had to circle the area for at least 45-minutes before landing. The Dubee said airside operations did not tell them the nature of the incident just that police were searching for someone nearby. He could not confirm whether people inside the airport were notified.

TCSO reported no shooter or weapons were found at the park. Airport operations resumed as normal.