Flood waters swept around and through several homes southeast of Coupland.

" I didn't know it was going to rain for4 hours straight, heavy solid rain," said Cathy George who lives along the Williamson Co and Lee County line.

The threat came out of Yequa Creek along CR 467. Residents like William Joffray say they were caught off guard.

"At first we didn't think ... we thought it was going to pass,it usually passes pretty quick out here,but it continued to rain throughout the night.

By daybreak clean up was well underway. Dante Campbell and the owners of the small of the apartment he lives in were busy clearing out the water and mud.

"I came downstairs and it was seeping in through the floors, it was probably about knee high. I opened the door and it started coming in," said Campbell.

After Campbell waded out to higher ground he called firefighters who came to rescue his neighbor Veronica Mendoza and her mother.

"We really didn't think much of it, until my mom got up maybe around 2:30 in the morning and she heard the dogs sloshing around in the water and the garage was just covered in water," said Mendoza.

The rushing water pushed a car, owned by Mendoza's mother, into her truck. All the damage was not limited to homes. In some spots asphalt was peeled off the roads; other sections were washed away. Warning cones were put up until county road crews could arrive.

The danger is not just from the force of the swift water ... it's also what could be in that water. Henry Hesskew spotted trouble while repairing a fence line

"Not just the debris, but in the debris, you got wire, kids play in the wire and they get tangled up, that's one. And … two, you've got snakes as you see right there."

A rattler had taken refuge in brush pushed up against a bridge on CR 464. Hesskew call his friend Chris Schroeder to wrangle it into a container.

"It was about half grown, pretty decent average size for around here. And definitely could cause a lot of damage for someone messing around here. Yes they can, especially with the high water they are traveling they are moving," said Schroeder.

While the snake problem emphasizes the importance of warning signs the focus now is on repairs which may take several days if not weeks to complete.