Former President George H.W. Bush returns to Texas

As night settled over Houston on Wednesday evening, several residents from a neighborhood next to Saint Martin’s Episcopal Church came out. They were there to greet the motorcade that was bringing the former president back home.

The special escort arrived shortly after 6 o’clock. Among those to witness the arrival was Jana Ames who knew the Bush’s and plans to go to the public viewing at the church.

“Because he and his family are very godly people, and I think it’s important we show our respect for that, and he’s also one of the best presidents we’ve ever had,” said Ames.

Carolyn Karp also welcomed the motorcade. Her husband made the bulletins for Thursday’s Service. as they did for Barbara Bush’s funeral earlier this year. Karp described the former first family as neighborhood people. “Just neighborhood people they don’t want you to think that they were any different then you and I,” said Karp.

Fuzzy and Rita Hajjar not only knew the Bush’s they cooked for them. “And he would always tell me fuzzy you are the American dream you came to this country which is $50 and look what you did,” said Fuzzy Hajjar. At their restaurant which has pizzas named after the presidential couple, a special place setting was set at the table where they regularly ate . 

"You know every time he came in he would always bring us something, whether it was a a pin a necktie and sometime he would walk in with those pictures that you see on the wall. it was always something to say thank you, and here you are and he absolutely adored Fuzzy,” said Rita Hajjar.

After the motorcade came to a stop in front of the church the former president was given a special salute. A rendition of hail to the chief was done.

The public viewing continued through the overnight hours.