Former TX State student on trial for death of Bryan man and his unborn child

A former Texas State student is on trial this week for causing a crash that resulted in the deaths of a man and his unborn child.

Prosecutors said Shana Elliott had a blood alcohol content more than double the legal limit one hour after the crash.

Kristian Guerrero took the stand Tuesday in a Hays County Courtroom on behalf of her husband and the child she lost in the womb.

She said Aug. 2., 2016 started out as a happy day. Her husband Fabian learned at an appointment with immigration services that he would be granted US residency.

“It was sharing photos and talking about our baby that was coming,” she said.

Kristian was five months pregnant. The two ate lunch and headed home to Bryan. Kristian was driving.

“We were hit,” Guerrero said “There was blood dripping down my face and into my lap. There was a woman next to me trying to console me. She was telling me everything was going to be okay. I just remember telling her I was pregnant and I was scared. I saw my husband he looked like he was sleeping.”

Then, 21-year-old Texas State University student Shana Elliott, crossed into the couples’ lane. Prosecutors said prior to the accident Elliott had been drinking on the Blanco River.

Hours after the crash, Kristian learned Fabian had died. Later that night her baby’s heart stopped beating.

“Just knowing you lost your husband and your son the last piece I had of him in this world,” said Guerrero.

Because of an injury to her head, Kristian had to wait four days before delivering her deceased child.

“I got to hold him. I got to look at him,” said Guerrero.

The baby was buried in Fabian’s arms.

“I will never be the same. My heart will always be broken. I will always love him and my son. I will always want him back. I will always hurt,” said Guerrero.