Formula 1 weekend begins

Formula 1 is back celebrating its fifth anniversary in Austin. The event started on Friday and is expected to draw thousands of spectators from across the world.

While some people who live around the track are bracing for chaos, others have found a way to cash in. F-1 has caused its fair share of headaches for some residents in East Travis County, traffic being one of the biggest, but home owners appear to have found a cure for some of the problems.

"My kids are usually really excited by using the signs and being outside like close to the street, but it's fun," Eva Gonzales, who is allowing cars to park on her property, said.

"It's more like a family bonding type of thing so it's actually a lot of fun once you get use to it. Since it's really new to us we aren't really good at it but along the way we're still spending time together, having fun, and making money at the same time," Estrella Gonzales, Eva's daughter, said.

They are cashing in on the influx of people by setting up their own personal parking lots. Parking signs at different homes and lots stretch for miles around the track and business is booming. For $20 a spot, visitors can park at a home near the track and either walk over or, for a little extra, they can be dropped off near the venue. While it isn't all about the money, some in the area are cleaning up by getting out. 

"To park is $20 but you can rent your house for the race day weekend and get $5,000. I know people who can get $5,000 just for this weekend," James Welchko, who lives near the COTA track, said.

People in East Travis County can still expect delays on the road, in some cases extending drive times by over an hour.