Fort Worth Zoo welcomes new baby elephant to the herd

The Fort Worth zoo has been hiding a very sweet secret: A baby elephant was born at the zoo three weeks ago.

Guests were able to meet him on Tuesday. His name is Brazos.

At birth, Brazos weighed 255 pounds and is gaining 15 pounds a week.

Zoo leaders say the little guy is very rambunctious and sometimes naughty.

Three elephant generations live together now at the zoo, which mimics life in the wild.

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The surprise created quite a commotion at Elephant Springs.

"I loved it because it looks just so adorable and it was just new born. I think all newborn things are so adorable when they get introduced to the world," said zoo board chairman Ramona Bass. "When we see this, why we do what we do, why we work so hard and why it matters."

The zoo hopes all the giddiness about Brazos will translate into action to support elephants worldwide and local zoo efforts.