FOX 7 Debate: Immigration ruling reaction

A short-handed and deeply divided Supreme Court deadlocked Thursday on President Barack Obama's immigration plan to help millions living in the U.S. illegally, effectively killing the plan for the rest of his presidency and raising the stakes even further for the November elections.

The hotly debated direction of America's national immigration policy as well as the balance of power on the high court now will be determined in large part by the presidential and congressional elections. Immigration and the court vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia's death in February already were featuring prominently in the campaign.

The action focused mainly on undocumented immigrants who had children born in the United States. 

The ruling would have prevented the removal of the age cap for children brought across the border. Here in Texas, that would have benefited an estimated 33-thousand people. Another part of the order would have expanded who is eligible for parental protection. Nearly 600-thousand undocumented immigrants in Texas would have qualified. 

Immigration attorneys and advocacy groups say the numbers show the need for immigration reform. 

Joining us in the FOX 7 studio to talk more about this is Megan Sheffield with the Equal Justice Center.