FOX 7 Discussion: Could Trump declare a national emergency at the State of the Union?

What happens if President Trump declares a national emergency on our southern border?

It's one way to potentially fund the wall.    

But, critics even in his own party are worried.

President Trump is scheduled to give his State of the Union speech, Tuesday night.

There are also hints, the president may declare a national emergency on the southern border to fund a wall.

The Washington Post is reporting an emergency declaration would allow the Secretary of Defense to redirect funds that are quote: " essential to the national defense or support use of the armed forces."

Texas Senator John Cornyn has already warned the president, saying: any Trump declared national emergency would inevitably end up in the Senate and, put to a vote.

FOX 7 Austin’s Rebecca Thomas talked to Texas GOP chairman James Dickey and, Pooja Sethi - president and founder of the non-profit, “Immigration for All" about the president possibly declaring a national emergency.