FOX 7 Discussion: Town hall held about homeless

Nearly 800 people with concerns about Austin's homeless issues gathered downtown for a Downtown Austin Alliance town hall. 

Austin Mayor Steve Adler and several council members were put in the hot-seat about recent changes to ordinances related to homelessness, as well as how the city is going to solve the growing issue. 

Back in June, Austin City Council decided police can no longer ticket or arrest someone for camping, sitting or lying down in a public space unless their behavior is dangerous. The homeless ordinance changes have mystified business owners and homeowners across the city.

WATCH FOX 7 Discussion: Town hall on homeless ordinances

Recently, an online petition was started to rescind the homeless camping ordinance in Austin.

So far, more than 25,000 people have signed it.

Travis County GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak is leading the charge. 

WATCH FOX 7 Discussion: Homeless ordinances and public concerns

Joining us in the FOX 7 Austin studio to talk more about the homeless ordinances and the concerns that were voiced during a town hall are Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak. Watch on FOX 7 Austin at 5 and 6 p.m.



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