Frank Erwin Center steps up security starting with Selena Gomez following Grimmie tragedy

It was only one week ago tonight that up and coming singer Christina Grimmie was gunned down by a deranged fan after a concert in Orlando, Florida. Since that attack, security has been stepped up at venues all around the country including here in Austin. 

Tonight, Selena Gomez is playing at the Frank Erwin Center where security has been heightened. 

This system has actually been in the making for a long time. The Erwin Center has added walk through metal detectors. Before, they only used 30 handheld metal detectors. 

The Erwin Center's Director says they've been talking about metal detectors for two years but now they are implementing the system. These detectors will be at all entrances of the building. 

Along with the detectors comes new and improved surveillance cameras. 

Erwin Center officials say most large city arenas have these detectors, so it is long past time. "Thirty or forty years ago, if you went to an airport and you saw metal detectors you would say to yourself, 'what's going on'. Now, if you went to an airport and didn't see metal detectors you would ask, 'what's going on'," says John Graham, the Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director. 

The arena opened it's doors for Selena Gomez's concert an hour and a half before the event to get people used to the new technology. The same rules apply when it comes to bags, don't have large ones. 

The Erwin Center also says to remember that everything is always subject to a search.