Freeway crash kills newlywed man and unborn baby

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Two newlyweds involved in a horrible crash killed both the husband and the couple's unborn baby.

The crash killed Jamie Martin and seriously injured his pregnant wife Amy, who lost their baby after five months.

Jamie and Amy, 26, were traveling through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Interstate 80 when the couple hit a semi-truck while driving through a construction zone Sept. 14.

"They airlifted my brother right from the scene," said Edward Martin, Jamie's brother. "And unfortunately he passed in the helicopter."

On Thursday, the day before his 27th birthday, the family of Jamie says they still can't believe he's gone.

"I'm going to miss him to pieces," said Breanne Goddard, Jamie's sister. "It will never going to be the same without him. I'm lucky I still have one big brother here with me."

The Martin family says a witness pulled Amy, five months pregnant, out of the car. Thankfully Amy survived and is on her way home from a Pittsburgh hospital. But their unborn son, Jameson, died on impact.

"We feel very fortunate that we still have her to hold and to love," Goddard said.

"I'm just going to give her a big hug and let her know she's going to be my sister for life," Martin said.

Looking at photos of their wedding just seven months ago, Jamie Martin's family says that after graduating from Central Michigan University and working in real estate with his father, Jamie was excited to become a father with the love of his life.

"He loved kids and he really cherished life and family more than most people do," Martin said.

Jamie donated his organs, his family says, to help save about 50 lives.

"They said the majority of the lives he will be saving would be children’s'," Goddard said. "And that speaks volumes to who he was."

Loved ones set up a GoFundMe account to help with Amy's medical bills.

The Martin family has been overwhelmed with the support.  Now they are waiting for Amy's return.

"He'd want us to take good care of her," Goddard said. "And we're going to do just that."

If you would like to support Amy Martin, CLICK HERE to donate.