Friends and family say final goodbyes to construction worker killed in accident

A funeral was held Sunday for a construction worker who died after an on-site incident.

“When I must leave you for a little while, please do not grieve and shed wild tears and hug your sorrows through the years,” read one funeral attendee.

As friends and family spoke about Amir Bahman Kaman picture after picture reminded them of the kind of man he was and the life he lived. "Authentically, genuinely, joyful kind person, and that's the thing I will always remember about him: that authenticity that's hard to find in a person.  Anyone who met him says he was just so kind," said a funeral attendee.

Kaman’s life was tragically cut short Wednesday morning when the 49-year-old was working on a construction site in Southeast Austin.

A slab of thick pre-formed concrete estimated at 30,000 pounds came crashing down on him.  He was working on construction of a new apartment complex by Riverside and Wickersham Lane.

Emergency crews used sledge hammers, saws, and rebar cutters to break the concrete apart but were too late. "Our Fire Department Special Operations Group arrived, started working through with their equipment to chisel through, and get through the concrete to make access to the patient,” said Division Chief of AFD, Palmer Buck.  He said it took a little over 3 hours to recover Kaman’s body.

Even though friends and family said it was too soon for him to go, they also said Kaman will forever be remembered for his kindness.

Kaman’s wife spoke at the funeral service and said, “Amir always told our daughter ‘thank you for choosing me as a dad thank you for choosing us as your parents.’”

"And now I say to him thank you for choosing us to be your family. Everyone said in so many beautiful words that Amir would always stop what he was doing to help others, that was him," said his wife.