Gamers paradise

Get ready to be schooled on video games.

This year’s epic Rooster Teeth Expo attracted thousands of people from across the globe.

Gamer Jack Rowell drove all the way to Austin from Wisconsin to attend R.T.X.

"We drove here 18 hours we got here yesterday. It's pretty cool here in Austin," said Rowell.

This year's newest game is set to be a crowd pleaser Shroud of the Avatar Forsaken Virtues.

"The controls are pretty simple and it seems like it really has a cool story. I'm going to have to check it out," said Rowell.

It’s a role playing video game that takes you on a mystical spiritual journey.

Players will adventure through an interactive world where their choices during ethical paradoxes have consequences.

Portalarium C.E.O Richard Garriott came out to greet fans and give some pointers.
Garriott said it takes around four years to develop a game.

"It's a game that has a lot more depth than just fighting monsters and collecting treasures," Garriott said. “You can actually dial up from a solo player game to a traditional mastered multi player game."

Garriott said the game was crowd funded by gamers  and that they raised close to $12 million.

"We are getting a steady stream of people that are all coming up and have either heard of the game and see the name and want to find out more or frankly just as many are looking at the visual and going hey that game looks let me sit down’ and play it,” said Garriott.

He hopes fans like it just as much as he does.

Tickets are still available and the event will go on through Sunday.