Georgetown residents to see energy bill increase in June

Temperatures aren’t the only thing on the rise over in Georgetown. People in the city known for using 100% renewable energy will soon see a percent increase in their energy bills.

This increase comes after another increase earlier this year. The city says this has nothing to do with the energy itself. In a statement on the city’s website they say they aren’t sure if they will be able to lower costs back before the end of the fiscal year.

“It kind of sucks to me honest because when you’re looking for money, you’re trying to do better things with your finances and come up on your feet, it’s just difficult when you have to pay that much in electricity,” said Steffan Kelly who lives in Georgetown.

The city announced residents like Kelly will begin seeing an increase in their energy bills in June and it’s not just because it’s summer. 

“We’ve experienced some unexpected power costs this spring as a result of transmission and generation issues,” city manager David Morgan said.

On average homes will see an increase of about $10 in their energy bills. This isn’t the first time the city had to increase rates this year for energy. In February they increased it about $13 a month so now residents are looking at $23 more for energy. 

“The increase rate in February is related to similar issues,” said Morgan.

Essentially the city bought more energy than the current population uses. Morgan said the reason they did this was they were factoring in the cities growth for the future.

“As we grow as a city which we are one of the fastest growing cities in the country out load or the amount of energy that we consume will continue to increase we will grow into that,” Morgan said.

Kelly said there’s a lot he could spend $23 on. 

“Insurance, rent, food, traveling because living in a bigger city you have to move to and from places, gas, there’s a lot I could invest my $23 into,” said Kelly.

The city is working on ways to try and reduce this increase. One thing they are pursuing is trying to sell back all the excess energy.

These increase can been seen beginning June. While this is the 2nd increase so far this year, it is not certain if there will be another in the future.