Georgia families adjust to virtual learning during coronavirus school closures

With Gwinnett County Schools closed due to the coronavirus outbreak Ruth McMullin, like so many other parents across the country, finds herself in uncharted territory.

With their teachers' lesson plans as a guide, the mother of three is now overseeing virtual learning for 8-year-old twins Quinn and Ronin, and 12-year-old Anh.

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McMullin told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "The middle schooler she is pretty self-sufficient and self-motivated so when I went to wake them up she was already awake. She was already awake working on her stuff. With the younger ones I wake them up, let them get breakfast, then we get started. "

According to Educational Consultant Dr. Debra Smith, McMullin is on the right track.

"I know that school is a little more academic and a bit more structured but we can, to create that environment an environment conducive to learning."

Dr. Smith says implementing a schedule for students to follow at home is key to ensuring a smooth transition as they move from classroom instruction to learning online.

"For example, when you are going to have breakfast time set every day and getting dressed and ready to learn so they won't think it's vacation or play time. Just like we do at school, we have certain hours for math time and reading time and also a little break."

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Dr. Smith reminded that while online learning may be a foreign concept to some parents, many students were already taking online courses and are being provided additional support during the break.

"Students are learning through the computer, virtual schooling and they also have time to do Facetime or check-in with their teacher, or their school or even their school counselor."