Georgia veterinarian eats with healing pup

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Photo Credit: Dr. Andy Mathis

An emotional video shared by Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, shows a doctor eating with a puppy who was too nervous to eat alone.

The veterinary hospital shared video on February 13 of Dr. Andy Mathis sitting in a kennel next to Graycie, a rescued puppy, and eating out of a dog bowl with a spoon. Mathis starts feeding Graycie by hand until the pup starts eating out of her own bowl, copying her human friend. Until then, Graycie wouldn’t eat or drink.  

“Thanks everyone for your comments and shares about Graycie. I am truly touched to see so many people show an interest in what I do to try and help who I can,” said Mathis on Facebook.

Graycie was rescued and brought to the hospital on January 29 after she was found starved, dehydrated and suffering from serious injuries. Graycie will be ready for adoption after she has received more care, the hospital said in follow-up Facebook posts.

“Just sharing her story is helpful- there are thousands of other homeless and neglected pets out there . . .sharing Graycie's story brings awareness to them. So thanks for that,” said Mathis on Facebook.

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People asked about donations:
If people would like to donate to her care and a charity fund you can find at . It's setup through the AVMA/ AVMF so it's tax deductible. is the main site where you can read more about the program for cases such as Graycie's, senior citizens, veteran's, domestic abuse situations, disasters, etc.

For people outside the US, who can't use the site, Dr. Mathis has a paypal account, you can message him for the email address on Facebook.

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"Someone asked about sending her a toy. She might like that, probably never had one, would be my guess," said Dr. Mathis.