New York homeowner's Halloween display fools, then wows fire department

On Saturday, September 30, fire crews rushed to a reported house fire in Glens Falls, New York, only to be taken aback when they discovered that there was no actual fire. Instead, they encountered a remarkable, albeit slightly premature, Halloween display.

The homeowner shared a video with the Glens Falls Fire Department, believing it was a "confirmed structure fire." 

However, to their astonishment, they found themselves in the midst of an astonishing Halloween display. The fire department expressed their appreciation for the creativity behind the display and announced that it would remain on view for public enjoyment on Friday and Saturday nights until the end of October.

While some Facebook users praised the homeowner's ingenuity, one person suggested it might be wise to inform the fire department in advance to prevent unnecessary alarms in case of future calls.

According to the fire department, the display was created using "two LED lights, a box fan, a silver sheet," and a fog machine.

Melissa Gurusinghe from Storyful contributed to this report.